Metalok360™ is a Canadian-owned and operated OEM of M-LOK® clamp connectors.

Tested and proven all M-LOK® clamp connectors are compliant with the following and are fully interchangeable with other well-known brands available.

Metalok360™ implements, for all its design, production and marketing cycles, procedures and is compliant with the requirements of the international ISO standard.

The quality assurance system for the manufacture of pressure vessels is compliant with the requirements of the European Directive 2014/68

M-LOK® High Integrity Metal-To-Metal Seal Clamp Connector Benefits

Only 4 bolts to install, compared with 8-24 bolts ANSI and ASME flanges

Lower bolt torque

Lower torque requirements, no requirement for special hydraulic tensioning.

Smaller & Lighter

The efficient design results in an M-LOK® connector that is substantially smaller in size and much lighter in weight when compared to an equivalent ANSI and ASME flanges.

Decrease Downtime

Quick assembly & disassembly with fewer bolts and parts overall, no bolt holes to align.

Metalok360™ “Quikspool”

Fully interchangeable with *Grayloc® connectors

Metalok360™ “Quikspool” is a modular pipe system which allows you to build a permanent pipework system without the costs and hassle associated with onsite welding. Metalok360™ have designed a flexible module system which consists of either cold drawn mandrel bent pipes with green ends or pre welded spools with green ends or the option with buttweld fittings, with pipe extensions and welded to ASME B31.

A Leader in Hydrocarbon Characterization

Metalok360™’s partner laboratory was founded in 1991 to serve the growing needs of the petroleum industry, we provide reliable, high precision results and personalized attention focus on the specific requirements of every customer.

When you need reliable, reproducible, prompt answers to your chemistry concerns, we deliver.

For two decades, our laboratory has successfully collaborated with oil, chemical and environmental companies and solved significant problems by first listening; then together with the client, formulating a set of analytical solutions focused on providing the best value in laboratory data.

Metalok360™ also works closely with 16 other strategically located petroleum laboratories globally to provide cost effective solutions and providing quick turn- around times.


Pathfinder Foam Bodied Caliper Tool

  • Pipeline Geometry Surveys
  • Pipe Piggability Assurance
  • Debris Mapping & Assessment
  • Pipeline Data Logging
  • Liquid, Gas, Multiphase

Pipelines are No Longer "Unpiggable"



Products designed to assist in the commissioning, maintenance and decommissioning of pipelines for optimum performance with minimal risk and cost.


Metalok360™ M-Sealer solution with our proprietary applications is able to stop leaks for applications in pipes and tanks.

Specific Benefits.

M-Sealer cures under water and will adheres to most surfaces. When cured it has a high comprehensive strength and good adhesion to most surfaces. National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) Approved Epoxy adhesive cures in 10 minutes to a steel like finish.

World’s leading composite reinforcement system

Strongback Advantage:

  • Tested and Proven Worldwide
  • Effective and Cost-Effectiveness
  • Strength and Longevity
  • Versatility
  • Speed and Simplicity
  • Safety
  • Expert Technical Support


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