Health and Safety Policy

The management of Metalok360 is committed to provide a safe place of work for employees and contractors through the implementation of standards and controls that ensure compliance with applicable legal and customer requirements. Through application and improvement of the Metalok360 Safety Management System, as part of the Integrated Management System, we will manage and control risk in the work environment.

We shall achieve safety by setting and fulfilling a set of objectives and values which represent our obligations to society and business stakeholders, as well as ourselves. We will ensure resources and procedures are available for any emergency response.

Through the identification of hazards, the provision and maintenance of equipment fit for purpose and the training of personnel in safety skills and knowledge, Metalok360 strives to prevent injury and ill health. Metalok360 will actively communicate safety information to employees, contractors and subcontractors through safety bulletins, safety alerts, safety flashes and safety initiatives. Each employee must recognize personal accountability for the care and safety of themselves and each other at work and the consequences of actions on others off-location. We hold all levels of management accountable for health and safety matters in their areas of responsibility.

Responsibility for establishing, implementing and periodic review of Metalok360’s Safety Policy rests with the Director’s as advised by the General Manager Global Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental, who ensures a documented Safety Management Safety based on and compliant with Department Of Safety and Health (DOSH) and other regulatory requirements is developed and maintained.


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