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Metalok360 will provide products tailored for your specific application as well as reliable technical advice and support for your project's needs.

The high level of diversity and frequently changing conditions in transport pipelines and flowlines makes their damage mechanisms equally as diverse.

Metalok360 offers chemistries that provide protection or remediation to the common problems found throughout the industry.

These chemical solutions include gels and pigs designed for spool protection during installation, dewatering prior to hydrocarbon introduction, and inhibitor treatments to prevent wax and scale deposits as well as corrosion to ensure the longevity of the installed pipeline.

As the line ages more of a maintenance and remediation path is taken and Metalok360 designs and provides gel and solvent packages to combat deposition of waxes and scale. Gels designed for deoiling and dewatering prior to pipe augmentation.

Surveillance systems for mapping restrictions to efficiently batch treat deposits. Elastomer pigs and crosslinked gels designed for fishing operations and debris removal. And as the line has reached the end of its service, we offer gels designed for debris removal and de-oiling to prepare the pipeline quickly and cost-effectively for plugging, flooding, and abandonment.
Chemical pigs with remediation and treatment chemistries are very versatile and can be applied at any point during the lifetime of a pipeline. From helping to remove hydrotest fluids when commissioning, to the bulk removal of hydrocarbons and solids prior to maintenance or decommissioning.

Solid Shape-Memory Pigs Solid Shape-Memory (SSM) pigs are compressible mechanical pigs that can deform up to 50% of their original diameter to allow traveling through multiple diameters over great distances. SSM pigs are the only unpiggable line option for situations where a gas propellant is required. Unknown severe restrictions will allow SSM pigs to harmlessly break up. This eliminates pig sticking risk, but also allows for applications through reduced diameter piping and for the recovery through small valves and hoses without the need for a traditional launcher or receiver.

Pipeline Gels Pipeline gels are viscous shear thinning liquids with self-healing properties used in pipelines primarily to remove bulk liquid, gas, or debris. They also form very effective barriers between different fluid phases or chemical treatments and can provide protection against seawater ingress during subsea installation.

Supporting Chemical Technology, the range of chemical applications needed to protect assets and maximize performance must include the removal of scales, paraffin waxes, asphaltenes, biomass, sand, and a variety of heavy oil coated solids. This supporting chemistry is customized using advanced laboratory analysis to target specific damage mechanisms. Metalok360's capabilities extend to more routine general cleaning, corrosion prevention, and flow assurance that results in a higher level of pipeline integrity.
RESCUE Stuck Mechanical Pig Recovery
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