Metalok360 uses Grayloc®  Connection system to cater for our Oil and Gas Clients. We weld the Grayloc Connectors to the ends of our precision Mandrel Bent piping and spools, to API/DNV and all welding codes.
Whether it is Subsea or Offshore Topside, Plant or Refinery application, METALOK360 has you connected Grayloc.

Grayloc® Clamp Connectors
Field-proven Grayloc® clamp connectors have been used in a wide range of industries since the 1950s. The connectors are lighter, smaller, faster to make and break, and easier to maintain than conventional flanges. Stringent engineering processes and quality standards result in unparalleled and repeatable reliability.
Grayloc® Compact Flanges
Grayloc® compact flanges (GCFs) incorporate our proven metal-to-metal technology into a bolted flange design. Including the Grayloc seal ring in a compact flange design provides a solution with significant space and weight savings that outperforms conventional flanges.
Grayloc® Remotely Operated Connectors
Field-proven mechanical Grayloc® remotely operated connectors are used in hazardous environments, personnel restricted areas, and automated operations. Developed in the 1960s for nuclear power operation, these connectors are recognized as industry leaders for remote and quick-opening applications.

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