Fully interchangeable with *Grayloc® connectors

The Metalok360 M-LOK clamp connector is an equal alternative to *Grayloc® or other clamp connector manufacturers’ products.

The Metalok360 M-LOK clamp connector is designed to offer the strength and sealing technology of a welded joint and versatility of a mechanical joint. It serves the same purpose as a bolted flange assembly, with added advantages of being more easily installed (only 4 bolts) and up to 75 percent lighter and smaller by comparison to ANSI or API flanges.

The connector consists of 2 hubs, 1 seal ring, 1 clamp set with 4 bolts and 8 nuts.

All materials available

M-LOK connectors have applications in a wide range of industries:
  • Aerospace manufacturing
  • Chemical processing
  • Coal gasification and liquefaction
  • Environmental
  • Food & beverage processing
  • Fossil and nuclear power generation
  • Industrial gas manufacturing
  • Marine & ship building & maintenance
  • Oil and gas offshore & onshore production
  • Petroleum refining
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Synthetic fuels processing
M-Lok’s connection systems provide solutions to chronic problems associated with standard ANSI and API flange connections.
Leak-Free Reliability
Our reusable metal-to-metal seal ring offers leak-free with zero leakage reliability over traditional ANSI and API gaskets. Our seal rings offer welded joint integrity and can be used in critical and chronic leak areas. M-LOK is an easy-to-assemble, engineered as a high-performance alternative to flanges.

Weight Savings
With weight savings of up to 75% in comparison to ANSI flanges, our connection systems can typically save up to 1 million lbs. of weight on an offshore floating platform.platform. an offshore floating platform.

Space Savings
Space savings of up to 50% with smaller O.D. and length dimensions compared to ANSI/API flanges. Pipe runs are closer together for more room for process equipment and future tie-backs. Ideal for small O.D. pull-in-head requirements.
External Loads
Our connectors are able to handle high fatigue and high bending moments. We can optimize the design of the connector as needed to meet project requirements.

Quick Assembly
Our connection systems typically use less and smaller bolts in comparison to ANSI or API flanges. Our catalog of connectors include clamps that only require four bolts and connectors that are self aligning.

Cost Savings
In many cases, our connector assemblies are less expensive to purchase than the corresponding ANSI or API flange assembly. Our leak-free seal rings save operational costs.

High Pressure/Temperature
Our connector systems have applications in high pressure and/or high temperature where they outperform ANSI and API flanges in terms of reliability and leak free service.
8-in. – 1500# ANSI Class Comparison just 4 bolts to install, compared with 8-24 bolts for conventional flanges.

M-LOK connector is substantially smaller in size and 75% lighter in weight when compared to an equivalent ANSI or API flange class.
  • Consists of (2) hubs, (1) seal ring, (1) clamp set with (4) bolts and (8) nuts
  • Self energized, pressure enhanced metal seal ring
  • Seal ring is designed to be reusable
  • Clamp assembly is up to 75% lighter and requires less space compared to standard flanges
  • Sizes from 1 in. to 12-in.*
  • Pressures up to 20,000 psi*
  • Available in all material grades
  • The M-LOK Clamp Connector is interchangeable with other clamp connectors in the market
  • Lower torque requirements no need for costly and timely hydraulic tensioning equipment
  • Quick assembly / disassembly with fewer bolts & parts with no bolt holes to align
  • *Special designs available
M-LOK Clamp Connector vs. ANSI/API Flanges Advantages of M-LOK Clamp Connector
  • Self energized and pressure enhanced seal
  • Seal ring is designed to be reusable
  • Small relative movements between hubs can be accommodated by seal ring deflection
  • Clamp assembly lighter and requires less space
  • Clamp bolts are oriented perpendicular to pressure end thrust and are not subjected to hydrostatic loading due to pressure
  • Small outside dimensions allow use in more confined and congested areas
  • Clamps can be conveniently rotated for desired bolt orientation
  • Four bolt design has built in safety factor which allows for bolt failure without loss of sealing integrity
  • The connectors method of sealing does not require precision bolt loading, thus easier
Disadvantages of ANSI/API Flanges
  • Larger and bulkier flange forging
  • Often more and larger bolts
  • Generally a crush type gasket
  • High bolt torque required to seat and maintain contact pressure
  • Costly and timely hydraulic tensioning equipment
  • Poor adaptability to changing conditions (temperature)
  • Even make-up required to avoid impingement of gasket
  • Gasket is not reusable
  • Gasket has to handle piping bending loads
  • Performance not good in high vibration
  • ANSI Flange design is over 100 years old and outdated technology
M-Lok Clamp Assembly
Our M-LOK Clamps are manufactured as interchangeable segments and sold as a set with bolting included. Standard clamp materials are carbon steel (AISI 4130/4140) or stainless steel (ASTM A182 F304). Other materials are available on request.

Bolting: Two studs are used in each ear of the clamp to provide redundancy in bolting strength. Bolting is provided with UNC/8UN thread series with spherical-faced heavy hex nuts. Bolt coating can be supplied based on customer requirements.
Tested and Proven all M-LOK Clamp Connectors are compliant with the following and are fully interchangeable with other well-known brands available.
Metalok360 implements, for all its design, production and marketing cycles, procedures and is compliant with the requirements of the international ISO standard.
The quality assurance system for the manufacture of pressure vessels is compliant with the requirements of the European Directive 2014/68  

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